How has apple music not realised yet that i don't like rap! every week in the recommended i downvote like every rap song and STILL every week there are more?

@Savage yup, I’ll be in stretford so I’ll see how long I can go before the temptation kicks in. Saw sauce on tues and he was game so just need to send him a time & place to meet, town 5pm ish? Give us time for one or two at the food hall before we head in?

Autotrader is one of those sites who purposely break the internet! I want to open links in a new tab, stop it!

@Savage not at all more complex, don’t even need to audation bit I don’t think, loads of wav/mp3 libraries around, just doo it all in code. Python has some easy to use visualisation tools and a good ecosystem of libraries

@Savage not sure I can narrow down to a single tune. Might be a fun thing to try and develop as a little program as well, just for fun

@Savage yeah effectively. Just to be totally sure, sign up with a separate mastodon account on a different server and checks you can’t be found that way (I’ll do that)

@Savage the next big test will be to see if we can access any of these messages from the public version of the site, or via another instance of mastodon or something. If not then I think we have effectively, successfully got a private social network


Chatting Shit social network!